Blogging journal

Day 2, 2015

Starting my second day journaling with updating a client for my Twitter coaching. I offer Twitter coaching services, services of getting more traffic, updating your Twitter profile looks, and improving readership of your blog through Twitter. My services are only $15 per month, and I can add 3000 new interested followers to your account. That is a lot of work for me, and I spend a huge part of my day working on people's Twitter accounts, but I like to help out (just in case you haven't noticed yet). Will be updating this journaling throughout the day to help me get work done, and provide a view of what I do throughout the day blogging. Just received payment for 7 promotional tweets. I was paid $21 for them. This is about @Astroglide #AstroglideChat Twitter party that will be happening next week. I have over 31000 Twitter followers now, and this is one of the ways that I monetize my blogging adventure! My goal per day is to make $30 income (not profit) right now, and for the most part I am able to achieve this amount. So, all I have to do today additionally is make another $9. Now it is the middle of the day, and I have finished working on one of review items that I have had sitting on my table for a while. That was a nice wine aerator that comes in a set, and that I had to do a video for - all done, and posted - enjoy! This was not a paid promotion, just received the item to test. (more…)