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So, as my first blog post of saying hello is done, I will jump into journalling today to talk about my day and what I have done.

Today is Christmas, and, to be honest, I haven’t done that much yet with my blogs, just little things here and there. Here are my little updates, and I will list now my sites that I run, and write a bit about them:

Box Roundup – this is my blog that I spend my most time on, and it revolves around food, beauty, reviews, life, adventures, and subscription boxes. I have started this blog in March 2015, however, I have been blogging on and off with a few posts here and there even before that. My blogging adventure in this year started with trying to revolve my blog around subscription boxes. I wanted to challenge myself, and try as many as I could. However, as trying subscription boxes is a costly enterprise I had to scale down with that a bit, but concentrated on writing about boxes that I could find. I noticed that my blog started to revolve more about food than beauty as I have envisioned before. I also noticed that I was spending hours and hours of my day without seeing a lot of return. That is when I started reading more about monetization, and how to make this blogging adventure be worth it. More about it in the next posts – promise to keep reading!

Time4Giveaways – this is another site that I run that concentrates on giveaways only. If you have a giveaway you want to post, go and submit it there, and it will bring a lot more viewers to your giveaway!

Time4Freebies – this is a new site with freebies – check it out if you like to try samples of free stuff!

Time4MyBlog – hey, it’s this site, right? I am not used to the name yet even, it will have to take time for me to understand why I am doing this to myself, but here we go – I am spilling the beans on everything that I do with blogging – be my guest!

Well, this is it about what I do, now I think I have to actually do some blogging!

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