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So, now that I have written about my sites a bit, and I have posted a hello post, I am off to the third post – the mission!

What is the mission of this blog? To educate! People create these expensive courses about blogging left, right and center. I feel like I am reading about blogging day and night now, and there is no magic about it. Blogging is about a set of skills that anyone can learn, and use to create a site, fill it with content that people like to read, and then try to get by in life on it. Blogging is not going to make you rich in a day, but if you work hard at it, like with most things, you will be able to reach the level of profitability, and be able to sustain yourself. I will make an effort in this blog to help out as much as I can to teach the skills that I have learned, or am still learning, and to mentor and coach you, my readers, to succeed.

What is my goal? Education. Teaching, coaching, mentoring, and learning from my readers, hopefully, the things that I don’t know. I will attempt to be as open and transparent as I can so that I can help people improve, motivate for success, and inspire. I have so many inspirations in my own life, and I often feel very thankful and truly blessed. I also want to challenge myself, focus better, and hope to see some results for my own blogging improve.

Cheer me on in your comments! Hope to hear from my readers!

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