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OK, I have been productive here today – and I am still writing!

Here is what I have done today so far with my new blog about blogging:

  1. Post 1 – I have created a Hello, World type post to start my adventure.
  2. Post 2 – I have written a post-introduction about my other blog properties that I run. These properties are where I spend most of my time on, and that bring me most traffic and money. We will be following them carefully throughout this adventure to see where they bring us.
  3. Post 3 – I have written a post about the mission statement. What is all of this for? I am hoping to educate the public, tell about my blogging journey, and share all of my secrets!

Now that this is out of the way, I will continue with the description of my day today.

It is Christmas! Here is what I did today:

Morning was spent wrapping up a translation project that I help my family with. I am a professional English/Russian translator/interpreter, and from time to time I help my mother with some gigs she has. This is a purely charitable adventure where I don’t get paid but provide help to my mother. This really has nothing to do with blogging but comes up quite often as a thing I do, and really have to do to help out. People may think that I make great money as a translator, but this is not the case as I make no money through it at all. Translations do come up for me to do about 3-4 times a month or less now, and they do eat into my blogging time, so I am digressing into this here to explain more what it is, why I spend time on it.

We did some activities and things with the family most of the rest of the day, however, I was able to do one review today as well.

I do a lot of product reviews as Amazon reviewer, and for my blog. I will try to prepare special posts about that in a bit where I will explain step by step what those reviews are, how they work.

Then I have joined two new native ad networks and I am still waiting to be accepted for now into them, and I am not sure whether they will be worth it or me or not. I have tried Revcontent today, as well as Disqus. I will have to see how those work out for me in the coming days, weeks, I am not even sure if they will accept me at this point.

I am also trying out a new network called AdvoWire. I have signed up yesterday, and they are set up on a point basis. That means that you can sign up with all your social network numbers, and then receive points for each social share. They are set up just for Twitter for now, as far as I understand, and it seems like they let you share pretty cool content overall. The fact that I like the content will definitely make me share more often. In order to sign up you need to state who referred you otherwise you cannot signup, so I recommend using my link, or you won’t be able to sign up with them. The points that you accumulate as you share can be exchanged for prizes, and for new content for your blog – how neat is that!

I followed up on a couple of emails as well on some sponsorship opportunities, for tweets, and for posts, but haven’t heard back yet.

And now I am spending time writing the first posts for this blog – yey! I rock!

My plans for the rest of the night – start creating some posts for review opportunities that I have deadlines approaching for. As it is getting late here, I don’t think I will be able to roll anything else out or really finish anything else tonight, but I will try to put in a good effort, I promise. I may even start some more blogs here with some resources for my new readers – yey!

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