I have not been posting a whole lot for the past 3 days here for a simple reason that I had crashed at night, and needed some rest, and also tried to catch up with postings on my main blog site, to be able to get posts that I owed to people out on time. I had a few products that I had to review sitting on my table for quite some time, and I needed to get them all finished up.

I still have a great big backlog, but mostly of products that I have received for free to review. I have done a lot of video promotions, as well as a lot of written reviews, and I have finished most of the old stuff – phew! As a result, I spent most of the holiday time working away at the computer. Hopefully I will get to spend more time with my family as my blogs grow.

I got to work with two new networks these past few days as well. My earnings have gone through the roof over these few days, and I think my revenue over December ended up being around $600 or so. I will do some extra calculations in the coming days regarding my overall income over December, and I will post it here as soon as I can.

My giveaways are almost coming to an end, and unfortunately I was expecting to receive a lot more entries in the giveaways. I did get a lot, but not as many as I would have liked to see in there. I am planning to have more giveaways going on in January, will try to be posting them as I get them done. I hope they will be a tad bit more successful. I have one in mind so far, and it will include some of the items I have received in exchange for posts.

I have an extra calendar that my husband got at his work, and I am going to use this calendar for planning purposes for my blog. I may or may not post the calendar here eventually, but s far everything is going well, and I have made enough till Wednesday next week, so I can now sit back for a bit, and work on unpaid reviews, and postings here, as well as on research and content.

I am so slow with research, writing an article will probably take me a good week. I am still sometimes wondering what on Earth I am doing blogging, and writing stuff, I am definitely not a writer. I may become one some day, I doubt it. However, as I have learnt, as long as one has something to say on the subject, and can spell, he/she can be a blogger all right! So, I shall continue, despite the lack of talent and all the ill-wishers! (typical me – ending on a sour note)



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