1. The first book I read today was “How to Detect Fake Solo Ad Traffic” by Mike DeVincent. I have read this book to learn about fake traffic and solo ads. After reading the book I had to actually look up the term “solo ads” because I didn’t see its definition in the book anywhere. As a beginner online marketer I think the author should understand some people would not know the term and should clearly define it in the book. Throughout the whole book it is mostly common knowledge that is explained. Seems like the author is trying to promote one site as the only source of legitimate traffic for ads. I am not here to take the author’s knowledge away so you have to read the book to learn about this site, but overall I haven’t really learned a lot to be honest. Of course, the book is very short, too.
    This book was free to everyone when I read it.

The second book I read was “Content Marketing 2016”. Crowdsourcing, automation, big data, mobile… This book is essentially a collection of reviews of various content marketing articles. I found one in the book so far that I liked, and I clicked on the link in the book to check out the article. The article is pretty good. In relation to me, I am still a newbie in SEO issues, and I will take any advice I get. Most of the stuff in the article is stuff I already know, but I will list it here – make sure the bounce rate of your site is important, and you absolutely have to keep it under 70%. This is something I have to still work on, for some reason my bounce rate is quite high, over 70% despite the fact that all the traffic is real. I think this is due to the sources of my traffic – I have to learn to block some sites that are pointing to me. Here is my picture. This is just one of my sites – the flagship one.

Untitled design (1)

Another thing the article that the book leads to tells us is that the time on site is also important. So, it says anything under 15 seconds is pretty bad. That should tell you that the site is buying traffic, really! Attention, new marketers, these are important criteria.

Then, longer posts are important, and so are sharing options on the site. And, to conclude, we should not even think about gaming the system – darn it!

Now clicked on the second link, and that article is about tips on content that people tend to share. Surely, it’s those crazy wet cats and dogs, right? So, here we go – how tos, statistics and facts, lists, infographics, real images, personal pictures, tweets with images, curious headlines, long articles, articles with many pictures, quotes as an image (those are so annoying!)

Another article – 8 collaboration tools. MindMeister tool looks interesting to me to map out content strategies. The rest are over my head for now.

So, now I went back to the beginning of the book and started clicking on the links instead of reading the book itself.

So, crowdsourcing again, I am attempting to use it here on my Instagram…

Another article – look at Appinions for influencer identification. BuzzSumo, Appinions and Simply Measured are good platforms for marketing planning.

Some cool links I found while reading articles and browsing –


Well, now that I am done with this book, I suppose it was quite useful to read because I got a lot out of it, and that is really the bottomline of a book to me – do I get anything out of it? I think the book itself has priceless links, but the text in the book itself about each link is just maybe not what I am looking for, so to get the information I had to actually read each article separately that the book refers to. I think it could just as well list the links to me with a few buzz words from each article to be useful. I guess it is good that the book is free right now to read, but I can see how they could charge for it as well, and it could be a good investment.

I read this book for free, but here is where to get it –

The third book I read was “Digital Minds”. This book is quite thorough, and it explains how to navigate the world of online marketing, website creation, management, and growth. It is more of a guide in my mind which gives guidelines but doesn’t really explain on any specific examples what to do. The examples that I liked were to do with basic SEO strategies, and things to consider when setting up a website. That is what I am still learning, and could definitely use some guidelines in. Some of the book seems a bit outdated – does Google Shopping still exist? I don’t think so. Most of it is still valid though now, and could be a good reference to go to if you are looking for some general ideas about how to set up an email campaign, funnel traffic on your site, or how to analyze your customers. Overall, an ok book, but I am not sure that it will be that useful for my purposes. I read this free book for notes, and to learn from it.


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