So, almost the whole 24 hours have passed since my last blog post was done, and I have been actually busy learning, learning, learning to improve my blogging! Seriously! I am sure nobody cares about what I did, but I will tell you anyway! 😛

I have reviewed 3 books yesterday that I read about online marketing and business. If you want to see my main blog traffic snapshot, you are welcome to see it on the same link. If you are interested to check out how to get free blogging and online marketing books, you should check our Free Books link. I will be doing reviews of books from there a lot, so if you are too bored, and are not interested in reading the books themselves, and want to save time, you are welcome to just read my reviews of books here as well.

So, what else did I do? I have opened a Twitter account for this site! Yey! And now I already have 1 tweet, and over 200 followers! Imagine, some of them are actually going to click to check out this blog, and read this… man… all my secrets are going to be out… this is the weirdest feeling when you are writing down all of your secrets online for everyone to see. Anyway, right now the blog is just starting out, and as I don’t have a lot for people to really read, I am trying to kind of stay low. If you are reading this though, leave me a comment to scare me to show that someone has actually read this!

So, where was I… yes, what I did between yesterday and now. I listened to some training class on Udemy as well. I did not work much on my blogs yesterday as I wanted to take a break. I made money to last me till tomorrow already according to my plan, so now I can chillax a bit, again, and just continue working on my old reviews.

Yesterday I received a lot of products for reviews as well. I will try to get them out today-tomorrow, as soon as I can, but there are so many pictures to take now I need to good hour at least to do this. One other weird thing happened yesterday – I have received some chocolate bars, for a review, I guess, but I just don’t know where they are from!!! I have tried to trace them back to the networks I am with, and to my email, but no luck. So, this brings me to a dilemma – what do you do with a product that arrived at your doorstep, and you don’t know where it is coming from, and why you got it. I have some idea why I got it, most likely it was through a network that wanted me to do a video for them – maybe!!!? not sure, but this is what I will most likely do – I will have a tasting video with my kids to try the 4 flavors of bars I got, and we will decide which bars are the best! So, if you are an advertiser with me, please, try to let me know what you have sent to me by email, and put in some papers inside the parcel so that I can figure out what is it that I need to do with the product – just as guidance for me, as I receive dozens of products for reviews every week, and unless I know exactly what to do with them, they may just stay in the “later” pile, and not get done quickly.

Another thing I did today – participated in a conference the goal of which was to give me a plan for the year. It didn’t do that, and the advice was really not very useful. Oh well, at least it was free. And I got to clean out my table a bit as I was listening to it. Not going to complain about it much more, but I didn’t learn much.

Well, now I will get back to my other projects, and will try to get some more classes done now. Till tomorrow!



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