Okay, so today has been crazy busy. I have been accepted into new networks, and I am getting a lot more programs now that I am part of them. I will be updating my data here and there and everywhere about how I am doing soon enough, when I get a chance.

Yesterday someone asked in one of the groups whether it is possible to run several blogs at the same time. I have responded that I am juggling 4 blogs right now, somehow! Do you know how I juggle them? I don’t think you want to know. It is a lot of work, that’s all I am going to say.

I have piles of emails now that I haven’t even tried to respond to. I am not sure if it is going to die down next week maybe, once everyone is through their work that has piled up for them due to holidays – let’s hope so!

I have done only one promotion today so far, but been working getting through those free reviews that I had to do last night. That took a lot of my time. I have a routine, but it is all very time consuming.

Another interesting story from today – tried to convince another friend to do blogging. I don’t think she is very interested, but I will be working on helping her a bit with her other site that is for her business, not a blog, maybe she will see how cool it is to blog, and jump on the bandwagon. I guess the great thing about blogging that I find is that I am learning every day, and it is not something very complicated that I get stuck in, but fairly easy to learn stuff.

I was reading another book yesterday, but didn’t even get to finish it, or write any type of review about it, as my baby woke up. I will try to get to it today if I can.

Also, on my plan today is continuing with my course that I am listening to on Udemy. I am not sure how useful it is, I think I still prefer books now, that I have a baby, and find it very hard to watch videos with a baby, but I will do my best when she sleeps.

I have worked a bit last night on Twitter and Facebooks scheduling stuff – checked out Buffer app, as well as Hootsuite, and have been working on scheduling a few tweets through those, as well as a Twuffer app. I am kind of on the fence for now about getting any other apps working for me. I know I probably should be scheduling and re-scheduling everything, especially my cool posts on my blog, but I am just not there yet, maybe in a few weeks. I am so overwhelmed that investing any more time than I already am into this is just not in the plan for right now. I am also thinking about getting a paid subscription with another app for this function, I may do it today-tomorrow, I may not, I will have to decide. I will let you know for sure!

This morning I spent a lot of my time trying to open a book to read that I need to review, and I just couldn’t. It’s a shame how non-technical I get when I need to be able to get stuff done. I still have hope I’ll be able to get it to work on my other computers that I haven’t tried it on yet, but it is not an easy thing to do by any stretch, but I promise I will try! This book review should be worth it to do it, so I will enlist the rest of my family when they get back from their work/school to help me out to make it work, if I have to.

For now, this is it for the updates, and I will get back to learning now. I am trying to put more time into my education, so that I can get everything working for me faster, and have more free time to do things that I need to do – like cleaning, taking care of kids, making food, all the typical housewife stuff. Now I am so pre-occupied with getting writing done, and photos done I have no time for my family duties, but I will try to improve, I promise. Now, how is it reading my blog every day about my efforts with blogging? At least that I deliver.

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