So, one more day, and more contracts coming my way. I have to say that this month I am staying quite busy with new contracts for my blogging efforts. Seems like a lot of companies are interested in my amplifications and online blog posts. Basically, my blog right now is about 40 percent curated content, 10 percent sponsored posts, 30 percent unpaid product reviews, and 20 percent just updates and giveaways that I want to post.

I have been getting a lot of compliments about my blog yesterday and today from new followers, and my blog comments are quite nice these days.

Last week I had someone upset with my giveaway, that I am giving away some used products, but I honestly cannot use or store all the beauty products that I receive. I have probably over 20 containers with serums and creams that are essentially the same creams – how many can I use on myself daily? Maybe 2-3 at most per day, and each container lasts forever, so the rest just sits there, and I am supposed to just keep, or throw out? I prefer to give them away, so away with mean comments, if you don’t like the items given away – don’t participate. If you want to leave mean comments to spoil my mood – do so, but they will be moderated and deleted. My blog is a happy place, the only person who is allowed to rant is me.

Another thing I wanted to write about in regards to my blogging efforts. I see people making comments how sick and tired they are of sponsored ads and content from bloggers. So, here we go – bloggers post a lot of useful content based on what they do with their families, or what they research about, or what they want to share as an authority. There is so much free content that bloggers post, so many pieces of advice that you can learn from, and so many free things are given away, especially in my niche of giveaway bloggers. Right now I have had a 12 day Christmas giveaway, and now have to mail actually 14 or so packages to my winners. I am the one who provided prizes and now have to pay for the shipping. I repeat – I have to mail everything to the winners. So, I, as a blogger, have to make money somehow to be able to ship the prizes. I have to take sponsored posts, and advertising opportunities in order to be able to provide free giveaway items to my readers. I expect shipping for those prizes to be about $12 each, at least, based on the size, weight, and my prior experience with the post-office. That means, I have to somehow come up with boxes full of products, one of which is an Apple watch, by the way, and I have to then pay for the shipping which will be over $150 total I imagine. How on Earth would I be able to do that not for getting paid for occasional sponsored listings on my blogs, and ads there. It is fun for me to see how mad people get and don’t realize that I do not have a bank of money that I can dap into, and that I have to be able to afford giveaways for my readers, and it is only possible through advertising opportunities.

So, here we go, I have been in a ranting mood these days. I promise, I will try to tone it down in the future, you believe me, right?

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