So, I haven’t posted for a few days now, I broke my successful streak – upsetting! But I have been working so hard on all of my other project I found that I was making good progress with everything else, actually. Considering that this project is just for fun, and all of the other things I do are actually the money-makers right now, I guess, I will let it slide in my head this time…

Anyway, it was a busy weekend, and I still managed to do a lot despite all the shopping trips, eating out, celebrations, and trying to pick up all of the loose ends that I am dealing with these days, and not be late. This is one of the issues that I have had to deal with for many years now, actually, are constant deadlines. How do you deal with deadlines? I am yet to learn how to use project management software, I am managing just with a few calendars, yes, physical calendars, and, yes, they were free calendars, I am not buying any blogger calendars for now – maybe at some point, I don’t see the value in them for right now.

Anyway, deadlines have to be met, so I had to push and push my reviews and postings that I have to do. I do a lot of sponsored content and advertising type posts, as I have explained in a previous post, in order to be able to commit time to blogging, bring in more interesting content to my readers, be able to invest in better equipment for blogging, and more items for giveaways for my readers.

Everyone is talking about finding your niche as a goal, other than specialize in general lifestyle blogging, well, I think I am doing it all. Right now the biggest niche that I have found that works is just to write about what I care about, and what I find could be interesting, and this is what I am going to keep doing.

Anyway, I have been busy on my other online properties, trying to catch up with the deadlines, and rolling out lots of new content daily, sometimes hourly! I have finished quite a few reviews lately, so I have been able to get the funds to get this enterprise to continue rolling.

Yesterday I have got some new courses for myself to study. I will try to get through them at some point, and then will write about them. I have just finished one short course that I started last week, so one course is done for my monthly plan, one more to go.

Here is what I have learned for my new blogging adventures today from reading various stuff and courses –

  • Create long posts on your blogs, they will be more attractive for readers, as readers want to get value from posts, not just fluff, or very superficial information (I can’t believe how many people sometimes actually charge money for providing superficial stuff)
  • I have learned about the steps to launching new products – this is quite interesting, and I recall seeing that in action, actually, when some companies try to launch products – so mental note for self- go back for that course to get information on launching new products.

Then I started another course, and my biggest issue for blogs is traffic. I have done a conference call last week where the leader actually discouraged people from thinking and talking about views and traffic. But I don’t understand how that can be. My whole success of my blog depends on my readers. If I have no readers then nobody is going to be interested in what I have to say, nobody is going to interact with me and my content, and all those efforts will be for nothing. So, I would just be writing lists and lists of stuff for noone to read? I don’t get it, I don’t agree. So, for now, I am going to try to continue learning more about improving my traffic, and getting my blogs to be seen by more people. Except for this blog. Yeah, this one is a secret one for now, as you can see it doesn’t have that much content yet, so I don’t want people talking about it just as yet. IF you have found it – you are in luck, leave me a comment, tell me what you think.

Anyway, I started my second course now to learn more about traffic improvement… The course seems a bit outdated right now, the first part is about an app that doesn’t exist any more. Anyway, it is about finding influencers who would be able to retweet your content on Twitter, interact with you, so the app that could help with that now is Twazzup. Maybe there is another one that you know of that does the same thing – let me know in comments, but this is what I found so far. I will put it on my list of useful apps that I am making as well.

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