I have been reading up on Pinterest as this is one platform that I don’t use quite as much as all the others. I have found one useful article – http://blog.wishpond.com/post/63664550828/9-ways-to-use-pinterest-to-drive-traffic-to-your-blog

Most of the stuff from this article is right over my head for now, but I want to save it for myself to read it over again to start implementing it more and more.

Also, I have read about Pinterest schedulers – to check Ihology and ViralTag. Mental note – check it!

Here is one piece of advice about Pinterest – I have to start using group boards more often, and invite people to my board.

There is a website with group boards, and that’s pingroupie.com – will have to check it out.

There is a lot to learn for me about Pinterest. Some people all they do is posting on Pinterest, and I am yet to learn it.


Did more courses, and here is what I need to continue working on –

I have to include more “Call to action” type statements in my posts. This should create more buzz about what I post. I have to ask people to subscribe to my newsletter for updates, and ask them to follow me on various networks. I already do this as entries into my giveaways, but not in all posts yet – have to implement that.

I have to create an About Me page. I don’t think I have that yet.

I have to read more about how to keep visitors on my blog. The stuff I read so far is over my head again – I still have to learn a lot.

I have read today about linkies and link parties. Gosh, there are so many. In fact I have my own for giveaways.

E-books – now I am really not into e-books. This is just not what I do so far. Maybe in a couple of months/weeks, if I get the time. I am also not into printables. Seems like everyone but me are doing these, I guess I am missing out. I can barely keep up with what I have to do so far, so these two projects to help me make money and sustain my blog are just going to be shelved away as of now. I have work to do right now for about 10 days out. I will have to start looking into raising my prices, and trying to find some time when I can start tackling these projects soon! Will be put onto my plan for February I think – tackle e-books and printables! These are big projects!

Anyway, about e-books. Two resources to consider are e-junkie and Distribli. Not sure if they work or not – I haven’t checked these out yet, but I will!

So, here is my day in a nutshell so far! I have been powering through my paid contracts, setting up a new giveaway that will go live tomorrow – I will make an announcement here about it as well, hopefully, if I don’t forget. So far I am staying on schedule with everything, no strikes. I am glad I am juggling it all somehow!

This past week I got to read two awesome books, and watched a great movie as well! These are just some perks that you get from blogging! I love 85% of products that I review, and I am not afraid to say as it is when I don’t like them. Blogging is a lot of fun!



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