I am finally getting caught up – maybe! I still have piles and piles of stuff to review and process, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Primarily what is worrying me is not meeting the deadlines – I am meeting most fairly well. The main and prime concern is growth and looking forward – what can I work on and improve, how can I grow more effectively, what can I accomplish every day to be able to use my time as efficient as possible.

For me, really, it comes to just following through with the tasks at hand. Once the tasks that are due are done I start working on improvements, enhancements, online learning, and updates. There is also a lot of routine work that I have to go through every day to post.

My plan this month was to finish two courses at least, and I did that. Today I started working on my first media kit. Now that was a big job, and it is about 1/3 done. I have to do the rest tomorrow/the day after tomorrow hopefully, but I have already posted what I got done online so that there is that part at least out of the way. Having a media kit is quite possibly one of the first things people should create for their blog, but I have just been so busy I have been putting it off.

My other plans for the month include creating 3 blog posts that are new for me. This does not include promo posts, or my regular content. These would be more like research I have to do, and then create content from scratch. So, this is kind of daunting on me for now as to how to start this. Primarily due to lack of time, as I am mostly with my baby most of the time, and just working on these routine tasks and promo posts. Creating content is not difficult, but I am a bit concerned about it as I find the research part takes me forever. I have found a lot of tools that I plan on using for content creation.

I have found great blog title generators here –



So, hopefully I can find some inspiration soon, and create stunning content that will create more interest of readers to my blog.

I have finished posting a giveaway that I was talking about – here it is.

I have also finished a new course on Infographics – will try to update on what I have learned in it here as well.

My budget posts are coming along slowly, so that would also be something I need to continue working on.

Tomorrow, I think it is going to be about continuing working on some reviews that I still have piling up, working on my media kit, and working on giveaway promotion, possibly. Not sure if I will have time for content creation, but I will try.

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