Well, I have been so busy catching up with everything I have to do today, I haven’t really done much in the end, and I haven’t accomplished a lot. There are days like this, I guess. This is Friday, after all.

Over these few days I have been trying to do a lot of courses, and am getting a little frazzled with it. I find there are just so many apps out there, and I am getting really confused with everything I can do and want to do.

I think here are some notes that I have made these few days –

Using was possible in the past to find influencers on Twitter. By finding other influencers you could engage with them, and let them know when you have a new post. Now Topsy is no longer working, but we can still use Twazzup instead for similar stuff.

Some more Twitter engagement programs to work with – Twedle, Twefollow, Twefind. And one last one I checked out today is Tweetreach.

I also have to look into embedding Twitter feed on my site.

Yesterday and today I have actually made quite a lot of money through some simple actions that took me about 20 minutes to do at most. Here is the link to check out for this one – I made $169.41 through this.



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