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I have not posted here for the whole week! Me bad! What have I been up to? Nothing much, really! That’s the funny thing. I haven’t posted as I have been trying to catch up with all of my plans, and learn, and try to implement all sorts of things. It has also been difficult to get stuff done as I have a baby, and she doesn’t let me leave her side, and has been a bit sick this past week, so I work and do things at night in 15-20 minute spurts. I have also been reading a lot of books for my review work, and trying to catch up with every little bit on my plate – this has been a slow process this past week for sure!

On the bright side, I have finished a lot of course work online.

Here are some of the notes that I have made while learning about SEO:

Check out Touchgraph Tool – find out relationships

What kind of neighbourhood links to my site?

Is my site optimized for mobile? (Yes, it is!) Is my site responsive?

Analyze with

Look at headings, images, italics, subtitles

Is my site quick to load? (It was not, then we fixed it, and then everything went sour again as I let The Blogger Network ad their ad banners, and now I am back to square 1 with the speed issue).

Check to test the speed of your page, below 5 sec is ok, below 3 is fast

Caching static content

Check google page speed test

8 key elements of on-page SEO are keyword research, page titles, meta descriptions (this one is old-fashioned), heading tags, content writing, alt tags and images (I have to pay attention to these), HTML5 microdata, and internal linking

I need to set up Google keyword planner

Keep my content at 3000 words

Microdata – rich snippets – this is something that’s important and I am yet to implement! – good site, check it out

Next I did some photography courses. Here is what I have learned: Large aperture 1.5-2.0 is used for portraits

Portraits work at 6-8 feet and 85 mm format lens => 100 mm or 150mm

Fast shutter speeds action can be “frozen” in your image. With very slow shutter speeds action can become “blurred” in your image.

Fast shutter speeds do not let much light through to be recorded on the medium and usually require a larger aperture on a more sensitive medium to be used.

Next, I studied some font type programs – for quotes, quozio (also bookmarklet),,

Next, I learned about more tricks for SEO and content improvement – I have to check Google keyword tool, and Market samurai which is a similar app.

Next, I learned about good ideas for headings, and here are some of them, “Headline formula [X] [Keyword phrase] [Curiosite phrase], How to … in 5 minutes flat, X shortcuts for [problem], [Famous person’s] top 10 tips for …, 3 … mistakes you’re probably making today

Lastly, today I have learned about screen capture software – Lightshot, Apoweroff, Capstudio, Screenr, Screencast-o-matic.

Here is where I could get some more free images – – easy enough to remember! Also to check

Fonts are available at

Well, these are all my notes for what I have learned over this past week and today! Not much overall, I know, but better than nothing, right! I am going with the max speed I can, I gotta pick up the pace, I know, but I think I am doing ok!

I have finished about 5 full courses this month vs 3 that I have planned to do. I am still a bit slow on some of the plans that I have made for myself, but I think I have advanced in many other different directions, and the more I advance, the more confident I feel with what I am doing, and this is something as well! I have been able to catch up over this past week a lot, as well as sent out a lot of quotes to businesses for my services – now I have to remember to try to follow up. I think I have to start a spreadsheet for client follow-up – that’s a good idea!

Here are some of the plans for the rest of January for my work:

  • Using Pinterest more. This is a hard one. I am just not there yet with Pinterest, I think I may have to move this one on to February. Right now what I am going to concentrate on is getting good imagery, and images for every post that I do to get into that groove first. If there is no image, there is nothing to pin anyway, and setting up these habits for me is one of the most important steps.
  • Fix up my email campaign form. This goal has not been worked on at all.
  • Make a media kit. I am 1/3 done at this point. I do have my inspiration still saved on the screen, I will have to try to find time to get this done this week hopefully.
  • Write 3 articles – new posts that are meaningful and will hopefully become viral. I am only through with half of one such article. My commercial enterprising has been booming this month which also means that I have not advanced in the non-sponsored content a whole lot.
  • Work on SEO building. That I have done through the course that I have finished.

Here are some goals for February that I am setting now:

  • Work more on Pinterest. Establish a routine.
  • By the end of February I want to have 90000 total followers on all networks at least.
  • Setting up 2 new giveaways in February
  • Set up a blogging calendar for the month of Feb and March
  • Write 3 meaningful posts over the month for the main site
  • Have 1 new site set up
  • Develop new content systems
  • Make a list of content ideas
  • Develop 3 posts for the blogging site
  • Maintain income level of $31 per day this month

Let me know if you have any questions in your comments, I know you are reading this, lead me, help me out – if you have any comments or advice, I am all ears! And I hope to be back here tomorrow with more updates, and not next week!


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