I have been so busy this past week – I thought that as my prices get higher, and I get less work, I would be able to get more free time during the day to take care of things, but that hasn’t been happening yet. I only have about 10 or so projects left to work on but the work is going slowly. I have a sinus infection this week, and have not been able to make any videos yet this week though I need to.

I have finished 2 courses that I have been dragging on for weeks just yesterday. Then I went through a whole new course yesterday. And then started yet another course to help me learn more.

Now I will be focusing more on creating better content. Here is an article I found today –¬†http://www.getspokal.com/how-to-write-killer-content-faster-without-losing-your-mind/ This article recommends using Skitch and Monosnap apps for improving content for blog posts.

I am also looking into getting a content calendar. I have been sort of wishing to get a blogging calendar to try out. Unfortunately, they all cost money, and I don’t want to pay money for this since I have no funds. I think though that these calendars are essentially made of several blocks of information, and I can just get these blocks separately to work for me without having to get the calendar itself. I think maybe it will be not as efficient but certainly cost efficient. I am looking into getting an editorial calendar set up, as well as getting a scheduling platform. I am still not sure which one would be best to use for my purposes, and one that I would be happy about. I have tried Hootsuite, I don’t think it is for me. I am now sort of between decisions whether to get a Co-schedule or Post planner. Co-schedule seems to be too expensive, but sometimes if I like the UI, I don’t mind paying the money. So, to extend that thought, if I don’t like the UI I would not want to pay money for it even if it is affordable.

I apologize for not making more notes this week. It’s been crazy busy, but I will catch up with the notes in the next few days I hope, as I get more stuff on my to-do list done, and get better with my cold.

Yeah, also, I am still working on my income reports for December and January. I have to say that my January brought a lot of money, more than I have expected! I think I did really well, and I am hoping to make more in February though it is a short month, and I don’t have a lot planned in terms of sponsored activity yet. I have to pay for the expensive equipment I have bought so it will take me time to start actually earning dollars and paying for all of the stuff that I have. But I can see how I am growing. I have over 90000 total social following for my blogs, and 4 Internet properties right now, one is still in the works – will be coming up with it in a few days.


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