Checking in on this blog today as I have a few minutes of my time…

This blog has been thought of to log in my thoughts and work I do daily on improvements of my blog. Here is where we have been and where we are going now –

Today is July 11, and I wanted to check in, and log in my successes over this time…

I have been working hard on many advertising contracts, and setting up a couple of new blogs, honing my skills at writing, and learning lots more new ideas on blog improvements. More on that later today…

Most of the time over the past few months were spent in daily routine work, and getting our tax paperwork done for the past year. Really, most of my end of February, March and even some part of April were spent on accounting and taxation. I am still quite slow at the paperwork, doing it all by hand, and it does require quite a bit of time entering all of the information in. Once that was done, I started to mostly concentrating on my main blog, and getting the contracts that I had going out of the way – and into the done pile.

Now I am mostly learning about photography, online marketing, and blogging.

Today I decided to get back on this blog and write a bit about where I have been, and set up some goals here, and try to be more accountable.

Part of the reason why this blog has been silent is because there are so many paying contracts that there is simply very little time left to write about what I get to learn. Most learning also hasn’t been taking the form of notes, so there hasn’t been much to log in.

Another reason for the silence is that my baby has been growing fast, and most of my day I am running after her, and barely getting time for any work to do in the first place.

So, what do I do most of my days exactly?

Right now a big chunk of the days is going into searching for new contracts. Some days I spend 1-5 hours or even more searching for new contracts. Some contracts pay $1-2, some pay $200. At this point I am still growing, so I have to spend this time looking for work, as it rarely comes to me by itself.

The money side of blogging is doing very well – I have been successful at monetizing, but haven’t reached my daily goal yet, and it will probably take a while.

I have also been working hard on improving the general content, and expanding the topics I cover on the main blog, as well as developing new blogs in new associated niches. Those blogs will need lots of time to develop and gain traction, but there is a start, like with this blog.

In my next post I will be reviewing a few books I have read today about blogging and marking online – enjoy!

Let me know in your comments if you have any questions, or if there is any particular topic you would like me to feature on this blog next!


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