Today I have finished this new book about blogging, and it is one of the more comprehensive guides to get you started with blogging. As my main focus is a food blog at this point, I was looking for some practical advice in this book. I would say that I can give it probably about 4 stars. It gives a good amount of information, and some basic tricks on how to get started with food photography. It explains well how to monetize the blog, giving a lot of practical tips and advice. I have to say that a lot of advice in this book is quite useful, and while it is not new to read for me personally, I think it has a lot to offer for those who are just starting out. Some aspects of food blogging are not necessarily that easy to grasp, and some aspects you might never come up with unless you read this book.

I think this book is worth getting for intermediate bloggers as well, as it jots down a good plan for what needs to be done to bring the blog to the next level.

In this book James describes very well the path that he took to bring success to his blogging adventure, and I am impressed how much he has achieved, and how much he is willing to share.


This new book is from the Blogger Babes series – I have heard a lot about this group of bloggers, and appreciate that they are sharing their blogging wisdom! I think a lot of ideas in the book are solid, and I appreciate how well-organized the book is. However, this book suffers from the regular pitfalls of most of the e-books – it is fairly superficial. This is quite a short book, and while the authors have amazing energy, and attitude to detail in the descriptions, they are not de-motivating for blogging, and they are very enthusiastic, they are not divulging a lot of specifics, and concentrate mostly on general ideas about how to blog.

I think I will use the template given in the book, and I have signed up now to a couple of new to me networks. I think this is useful information for me, and I am giving the book a few brownie points. I think this book is worth the investment, considering I have only spent about 15 minutes reading through it, and I read it free on Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, I am not sure if I would be as happy if I had to spend even a few dollars on it. If I pay a couple of dollars for every single piece of advice, I will go bankrupt before my blog even starts making money.


This is a great book for beginner bloggers! I actually think that this book might be one of the best books to read if you are just starting out! I haven’t learned anything in particular myself, but this book has very good resources, and information in the graphs and schemes shown! This book has a lot of powerful important information for starting bloggers! A lot of great resources listed! I liked it!

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