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My first day started a little bit rough yesterday. However, I am in it to win it, I will work on updating as much as I can.

I was able to post just one post yesterday actually on my main blog –

Top Hottest Crafts Trends for Monday 6/05

I have also published the post where I have set up my goals how I want to grow my blog in 90 days.

I have set up so many goals, and this one will be probably one of the most complex to handle. I will have to work hard to get there, I can already tell.

Today I will still have to publish the next batch of 10 posts. This is a big job.

Here is what I have been working on today –

  • Growing my accounts. I guess I have to establish some sort of a starting point where I want to get started at, and I have several accounts on different social networks for different brands, so it will be a little hard to pinpoint the exact numbers in total, but my goals were mainly specified for the main blog. So, I think for now, I will start right there. As of now, the total number of followers is at a bit over 183000. I need to acquire 17000 more followers over 90 days, now it is actually 89 days, so this comes to 191 followers per day. At the moment, the number of followers is improving on Pinterest and Twitter mostly. I haven’t been working that much on my Facebook account, posting regularly, so it has been kind of neglected in the last little while, I know I will have to work on this at some point this summer, I just haven’t had a chance in the last few months.
  • Doing courses – will be doing a food videography course actually tonight. This might impede my blog posting, but I will try to stay on track as much as I can.

New projects coming up –

  • a few new contracts have been secured today for new publishing – will be posting shortly on my blog, hopefully one will be done today.
  • Giving out about 1-2 price cards per day now for my social media management services. I only have a handful of accounts that I am managing right now, but I hope there will be a few more coming up from these leads.
  • have two car organizing products that I will be reviewing this weekend, just using them now to test them – pretty cool stuff! You definitely need these when you have kids in the car!

Small goals for tomorrow:

  • Get through the whole food videography course by the end of tonight – this will be a long night, I can tell.
  • For the next week – get through with a new project to give away actually on this blog – I have something I am working on, hope to get it done by the end of next Tuesday, let’s just say, so, come back to check it out.

Run of Day today:

  • opened a Facebook page for this site
  • someone on Twitter saw that I was advertising my social media services, and judging by the number of my followers started asking whether they are all fake because I only get a few retweets every post. That really hurts when someone just assumes my followers must be all fake if I have this many. I went ahead and responded that actually on Twitter a lot of people don’t even see my posts because of how social media works – only a percentage of followers are able to see every tweet, and certainly not that many will necessarily interact with each tweet. I also don’t know exactly how many are fake followers – how can I control that possibly. I do delete and block as many as I can when I see clearly they are spamming robots, but it is impossible to tell otherwise. So, then I decided to check for myself how many of my followers are fake, and got only 5% fakes through a known checking platform. Of course, at that point the guy interacting with me already blocked me having decided that I am fake all over – I didn’t have a chance to send him that link with the percentage of fakes. So, of course, what could I do, I had to leave it be, and move on. It is just frustrating how many people make assumptions, and don’t give a chance to refute the statement. It is hard to get people change their opinion if they are dead settled on it.

So, that’s going to be it for now. I will be back with more posts soon, I hope!

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