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These past few days went by so quickly, I cannot believe time can go by this fast!

Here is what I have been up to these few days –

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Top Trending Crafts for Wednesday

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Blogging Takeaways

In all, I have published 9 posts over these few days. So, looks like my goal of publishing at least 10 posts a day may not be coming together that well. I am not sure if I am going to try to work a bit harder in the next little while, or modify my goals. I think goals are great when they are achievable, but when they are physically impossible to reach, they might be just a little bit too difficult to get to. I will need to work on improving my speed to be able to get blogging goals achieved.

Blogging Plans

Here are my plans for this weekend – I have to develop a plan of topics to publish. My imagination is endless, and I can sit down and come up with endless numbers of topics, but I need to brainstorm a little bit to really jot everything that I have on my mind down to start working on my plans and on the posts.

Blogging achievements for this week

Today is Friday, and although I haven’t been able to write a post about my daily goals and what I have done, I have been able to get quite a lot finished actually.

Video course finished – video equipment upgrades

I have done an important course in videography that can help me plan out my videos for the future, as well as help me ensure that I am creating the best content that I can. The takeaway from the course is that I need a lot more equipment to make it all come together. I think that it is great to produce videos on bare bones equipment, but it is all better to be able to actually make a difference in the quality. There are a few equipment upgrades that I did after watching the video.

I already have several cameras that I can use. I have lenses of all sorts.

I was debating what equipment to get and was thinking of getting a Manfrotto Side Arm for my tripod to secure my DSLR camera on it. I ended up getting a cheaper horizontal camera mount. I will have to see if this is what I need or not, now awaiting patiently (right!) to get it.

I also got an additional video screen, and a special background for my photography and videos.

Here is what I still need possibly –

  • more backgrounds – maybe I will set up a fund to save up for it, maybe I will just bite the bullet and purchase or make some.
  • more props and dishes, cutlery and towels – will try to visit some stores maybe this weekend for more props
  • need a tabletop light – also not sure when I will be able to purchase this, maybe this week, maybe I still need to think about it.

I am also thinking about getting more editing software. I am not sure whether I am ready or not yet, I have some basic software that I have been using, it is not really something I am prepared to invest into right now, but I will think about it.

Growth of social media accounts

Social Media Reactions

I have received a few inquiries this week to work with me on social media management.

The worst this week were the time suckers though – people not intending to pay for work, just wanting to waste time. This is frustrating. I, as a professional, have to respond politely when I am approached, even though I can feel that the inquiry is not going to amount into everything.

One guy today wrote to me asking to share his ad message. I told him that I have fees for posting so he continued sending me an excerpt that is typical for affiliate programs. I could tell he was asking me to post some ad actually using his own affiliate. Then he started asking me to post not actually specifying what exact shares he needed. This conversation continued for a while, and I had to keep going even though I had a feeling that this is not going anywhere. He ended up telling me that he wanted me to share his ad for free as a test, and that he actually had thousands of products to advertize later. Such a cheap trick. How do you figure out a reasonable promotion from a waste of time? Especially when you are trying to sound like you have excellent customer service. The client is always right, so you have to talk even though you can tell this is going to be a dud. Frustrating. What’s the takeaway? Next time will continue asking for email conversation other than a chat, if doesn’t want, then just ignore.

Account Growth

The accounts have been growing the same as always these few days – not too fast, not too slow. Right now I am at about 183500 following or so. Will need to work on engagements this weekend, if I have the time.



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