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I have been blogging for over 3 years now, and am often pre-occupied with this one concern – what can happen with my identity, if it is leaked out into the public.

There are a lot of bloggers who specify their own name in their social media accounts, and are not afraid of opening up their personal information to any unknown stranger online – but I am not one of these bloggers. I am sort of obsessed with privacy.

In this post I wanted to go over what I have been doing to ensure my identity is not opened up to the world. Maybe you can relate to this issue, and share with us in the comments if you have done anything similar, or if you have other ways that you use to make sure that your identity stays behind the veil that separates you from your blog.

One of the biggest issues for me personally has been handling the technical sides of things. Maybe it’s my insecurities playing up, maybe something else – I am not totally certain, but I have been delaying the issues related to setting up the technical side of things separating me from my blogs.

Sometimes my social media accounts are set up with my name and last name, not so much with my blog name. Sometimes this is because you cannot change that login name, and sometimes it is because my blog name has already been taken.

This creates a bit of a concern – while my name is not written out clearly on the website, it would be simply a few clicks to know who I am, where to find me, and next thing I know I will need to start worrying about safety in my home.

So, what have I done so far to avoid this? One thing that I have done was changing my name in my Google account, and I thought that this would help with protecting my identity one step further.

However, the result of this now is that every time I send out any email from my account, my real name is removed, and so as this email address is partly used for my personal correspondence, this is now creating a concern as for my personal correspondence, people need to know who I am to be able to address me personally.

Today I have finally switched back my email signature name to my actual name. I am going to see how long I can last with this identity opening until I feel worried or threatened.

I know this may appear that I am a little too cautious, but if you have an online persona, you will likely know what I mean….

Some people are actually able to create a separate online persona vs their own identity, and I know that some bloggers do that. They go as far as posting a fake photo of someone else to pose as them. I guess sometimes this might be the case if you were to purchase a blog from someone else, and are not the original owner – I can see that happening.

The biggest concern about revealing an identity online when you are a parent blogger is mostly an effort to protect the children. I often take pictures of my children doing activities, and am often worried about their identity being revealed and found out by finding my own address and information online. Sometimes I know I may be a little bit panicky and overprotective about this issue, but I am really worried about this – our society is getting so hyper transparent, any move of every person is now possible to be tracked and traced back – and the most important goal of all parents, bloggers or any parent, is to try our best to protect and safeguard our children from online privacy issues.

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Are you worried about your kids’ safety online? Are you a blogger or just any parent concerned about how to make sure that our children are protected? Check out this course for digital safety of children and apps that they use online – The 9 worst social media apps your students should avoid.

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