It is really hard to believe that it has been two months now since my last blog post.

Phew! So much time has passed it seems, so many projects done and done!

So, have I been successful with my daily 10 post postings over these two months? I have to say – no. I haven’t managed that number.

I really tried hard for about 5 weeks or so maybe to push my physical capacity to the maximum, and publish as much as I possibly could. So, I got 143 posts published over the last 2 months. So, that total brings me to less than 3 posts per day! OK, the last two weeks I have to admit I have been slacking off quite a bit, probably in total what I have published could have been done in 1-2 days, but still, even if we say that it was actually 46 days of constant labor, it just still comes to about 3 posts per day overall.

The bottomline – if you are managing a blog in a small team, probably 2-3 posts per day is what you should let yourself go for maximum per day in order not to completely lose it.

So, my goal was 10 per day, and I got to get done only 2. Meh! The results are really not at all impressive.

I am not really disappointed with the result though because I think overall the blog has grown a lot over the past two months, and great opportunities have come our way that we haven’t seen before. So, a lot of time was spent on creating quality content, rather than winning on quantity as it was planned.

I think that continuing with the plan to post 10 per day would probably not work. I have to modify my plan, and show what I am going to be working on instead.

Here is my plan for the next few months. While I will make every effort I can on regular updates, I really have to draw the line with the physical abilities to produce the amount of content that we are aspiring to produce, and that can definitely be challenging on a day to day basis.

So, here is what the plans is going to be like for the next few months –

  • developing some new strategies, reinvesting into new growth projects.
  • learning new skills
  • working on SEO of projects
  • trying to improve on the work/life balance

I am going to be less specific on these points, and as these are very loose goals, I haven’t decided yet on any specific ideas that we are going to work on moving forward, but there are a few thoughts that need to be explored….

Specific blog goals:

  1. Concentrate more on Pinterest and Instagram audience growth strategies. These networks are the ones that look the most promising for the next few months, looking forward.
  2. Work out a blog post plan to be able to write posts beforehand, and then work on them without the usual rush.
  3. Continue developing smaller blogs with their networks of followers. Despite the fact that the main blog is the big money-maker, it is also important to look at the smaller blogs, and not forget that they are also there, and develop them.

Blog goals till the end of the year:

  1. Ensure that the blog income is solid and continuous, not changing from month to month too much.
  2. Create a growth strategy.
  3. Make a roadmap for knowledge acquisition, learning new skills.

Today I am testing a new service that I have found called Boostlikes. They have a ton of articles on their blog about how to improve social media results and performance. Here is one posts that I have found to be useful – Methods to increase post reach. One of the important points that I am getting out of this post is that I need to concentrate on creating more evergreen content for my channels. I know that those posts do so much better on social networks, and they can essentially be promoted non-stop, forever.

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